Post-Doctoral Students

Alesandro SOuza Santos

My line of research seeks to understand how anthropogenic disturbances related to deforestation and defaunation at landscape scale influence the genetic diversity of tree species. The research line integrates ecological concepts using molecular markers (SSR and SNPs) in the study of biodiversity, working in the following areas: Conservation genetics of tropical forests, genetics and landscape genomics.

Erik Tedesco.png

Erik Costa Tedesco

Through the Research and Monitoring Network of the Canavieiras Extractive Reserve, a great effort has been made to create and strengthen partnerships with Universities, Research Centers, Conservation Units and Civil Society Organizations to fill in information gaps and provide technical decision-making by the Unit's Deliberative Council, based on an ecosystem approach.


Maria Isabel Carvalho Gonçalves

The focus of my research is the study of how humpback whales behave in the breeding area of ​​the Serra Grande region of southern Bahia, considered as a reoccupation area, and to verify how spatial and temporal factors affect the use of this area by species. In addition, I am also analyzing the vocal repertoire of the population that migrates to Brazil and how it varies over time.


Neander Marcel Heming

My main interest is to understand the impacts of climate change on the distribution and life history of birds, mammals, fish, plants, including species of economic interest, and their consequences for biodiversity conservation. More recently I am working on testing and proposing methodological advances for the Ecological Niche Modeling (MNE) and its applications for conservation.