The PPGECB is committed to conducting annual evaluations that include the analysis of criteria of teacher performance, student, quality and adequacy of disciplines, social insertion of the program and the establishment of goals that point to an improvement of the quality of the program. At each annual meeting, reports are produced that are sent to all members of the program, the university administration, partners and, every four years, to CAPES.


We can highlight the main goals and results that the program wants to achieve in the next years:

  • Increase efforts to engage teachers in more mentoring activities at the undergraduate level: IC students volunteers or fellows;

  • Allocate more of the PROAP resources to bring teachers and external evaluators to collaborate with the program;

  • Strengthen institutional research projects (PELD, REFLORA, SISBIOTA) with the involvement of more students and post-doctoral students;

  • To obtain the participation of 100% of the teachers teaching disciplines in the program during the quadrennium;

  • Develop a strategy to achieve the goal of having at least 20% of program output including undergraduate and graduate students;

  • Try to keep defense deadlines below the area median;

  • Definition and dissemination of objective accreditation criteria for accreditation and re-accreditation of program teachers;

  • Expand partnerships with NGOs, companies and government agencies to train professionals working in conservation;

  • Invest in the internationalization of the program, attracting foreign researchers as students and external collaborators, encouraging the participation of teachers in publishing international journals, sending students abroad and establishing partnerships with foreign institutions.

Annual PPGECB Planning Reports